Volunteering with the Rescue

Thank you for taking an interest in what we do! It would be impossible to run our rescue without the dedication of our volunteers. Nobody affiliated with the organization gets any tangible payment for their efforts – but the emotional payout is enormous!

Witnessing a basset hound meet their forever family, transporting these pooches across the border back to Calgary, and helping us raise funds at our annual Basset Waddle – are all hugely rewarding. The more people we have helping us, the more hounds we can save; here are just a few potential volunteer opportunities with our organisation:


We are always looking for enthusiastic additions to our fundraising committee; the primary focus of the committee is the waddle, but there are several other smaller events that happen throughout the year, and the committee is always brainstorming new potential fundraising ideas.

Home Visit Assistance

We perform home visits to assess the suitability of a family who wish to adopt or foster a basset. The purpose of the visit is to talk to them further about the breed to ensure they know what they are getting themselves into with a basset hound.