We endeavour to match hounds with suitable foster parents within 10 days of initial contact, but depending on the number of hounds in our care it may take longer to set something up. Please be 100% honest with all of your answers on the form – we need to know everything about your pet – the good, the bad, and the ugly – so that we can match them up with the right foster home from the get go and minimise their stress at leaving their people.

All of our fosters are carefully screened, and accept each foster dog into their family until they find their forever home.

We take all of our charges for a check up and attend to all of their health needs (including spaying/neutering) before adopting them out; to ensure that each hound is not receiving unnecessary treatments we require that all dogs are relinquished with a complete print out of vet records and come to us with any personal belongings that may help them settle into their foster home more easily.

We do not even come close to recouping the costs associated with each dog we take in, vet bills almost always surpass the adoption fee for each dog, so we request (though do not require) a donation from relinquishing families to help balance the cost of re-homing their pet.

If you are needing to relinquish your basset hound, please contact our adoptions and foster coordinator via the below address: [email protected]