The Adoption Process

First off, thank-you so much for considering a rescue! We have some wonderful pooches in our care who’ve ended up homeless through no fault of their own and are patiently waiting for their very own family to come along that they can love, make laugh, and share their lives with.

The first step in adopting one of our hounds is to fill in our adoption application. Once we’ve received your application we’ll be in touch.

Once we’ve made initial contact with you we’ll have one of our wonderful volunteers meet with you and your family in person so we can get a good feel for everyone’s personalities (both human and any furry family members) so we can start to figure out which of our charges would be potential new family members for you.

Once we have some potential hounds for you, we’ll set you up with meet & greets and put you in contact with the hounds’ foster families so that you can get to introduce yourselves and any children or animals to a potential fur baby. Once we find the right match for everyone involved we often do a 2 week trial period with the hound in his/her new home and then get all the paperwork signed once everyone is happy with the new arrangements. It’s extremely rare for us to get a hound returned during this period, and has never happened because of anything one of our hounds have done.

Adoption Fees

Due to increases in veterinary costs, we have recently updated our adoption fees in order to help us better cover the various expenses required for dogs that have come under our care. Adoption fees are age-based and used to help cover the costs our dogs incur while in our care.

CBR ensures that each dog has a health exam, proper vaccinations and preventatives, and any needed testing prior to adoption. If necessary, we also provide additional visits for specific health concerns, surgeries necessary for quality of life, behavioral training, etc. The fee charged is at a deficit and typically does not cover the actual vet costs incurred by CBR for each dog.

This is why CBR relies heavily on donations and fundraising efforts to help support the dogs that come under our care as best as we can!

Dogs 1 year or younger.    –     $550
Dogs 1-7 years.                   –    $450
Adults 8-10 years.              –     $350
Seniors 11+ years.             –     $200
Bonded Pair.                       –     Case by Case Basis